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I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to our customers and shareholders for the patronage extended to Dongyoung Media.

Since founded in 1995, Dongyoung Media Co., Ltd. has constantly put its effort to lead the advanced life culture and bring full satisfaction to its customers. As a direct result of that, Dongyoung Media has developed and accumulated core technologies, which are intended for practical use in home entertainment industry.

On the basis of accumulated technical know-how and with extensive experience in the field of multimedia, Dongyoung Media emphasizes on quality control and elegant and functional design to meet the market trends. Our quality and design is widely recognized in the home entertainment industry in Korea and we have successfully supplied more than 100 major construction companies building apartment complex in Korea with built-in TVs.

As a dedicated manufacturer, Dongyoung Media has experienced strong growth by building solid partnerships with its customers and partners. Apart from our range of products, we are able to manufacture products under an ODM / OEM / private label arrangement for our strategic partners and agents. We have the technical expertise to custom-design the products to suit their specific market and requirement.

We assure our customers that we will continue to make all our efforts to realize a dream of living affluent life. We always put our priority on mutual relationship with our customers and partners.

Thank you very much to everybody who is encouraging and helping us. We will always do our best to be the top-notch enterprise in home entertainment industry.

Yoo Sang DangCEO & President Dongyoung Media Co., Ltd.
Factory and Head Office : #18, Dangjeong-Ro, Gunpo-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea 435-833
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